Well, we have officially been open for 1 month, and now that the Christmas rush is over and we have some time to breathe, I wanted to kick off this blog and share with you some of our adventures so far!

store front

First and foremost – THANK YOU to all of our friends and family for all of your help and support in making this dream a reality – you know we couldn’t have made it happen without every one of you. We truly made this happen from start to finish in 36 days. From friends and family helping to paint walls, lay flooring, making Christmas baskets, promoting us, sharing and liking our Facebook page, helping us secure our finances, sending friendly and encouraging messages, lending tools and materials for renovations, being there right until the bitter end the night before our grand opening (5:30 am!) to help put everything in place, volunteering to work in the store for us when we need a break, right down to simply being our customer…the words “Thank You” never seems like enough. But there it is, and we will continue to appreciate it every day.

Let’s start from the beginning,

This has been a dream of mine for years. I have worked in numerous places in this industry. It all started when I was just a kid, growing up just outside of Carp on my parents’ hobby farm, with horses, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and of course family dogs and cats. I was an avid horse back rider, and competed in the Trillium circuit until I entered high school, when my interest turned to dog sports. I got my first personally owned dog, Nellie – a shetland sheepdog with a tad of border collie mixed in, who I got as a pet but she had a bit more energy and liveliness than I had bargained for. So, we got into the sport of Agility, which led to Flyball, which of course gave me “Flyball Fever”, so of course I promptly seeked out and obtained a Border Collie, Twist, to add to the household and we were all off to the races, literally. These two special dogs have introduced me to so many incredible experiences and lifetime friends in the dog sport world. I am now the captain of our own local competitive flyball team called Burnin’ Rubber, where we travel locally and across North America to tournaments and host 2 tournaments locally each year. ¬†Nellie has since passed on, but her beautiful pastel painting by Patricia Nadarajah can be found posted permanently behind our desk here at Pawsh Pets, watching over us in this new adventure. Twist is now retired from racing, and has happily accepted her new job as the store dog – her picture is on our front door, and she can usually be found greeting you here at Pawsh Pets.

Shane is from London, Ontario, and moved to Ottawa to go to school for business. Always a large dog breed fan, Shane grew up with Thunder, the Great Pyrenees, and Bernie, the Bernese Mountain Dog. Always an animal lover, he has helped many dogs and their owners with training both in London and here in Ottawa. It was his driving force behind launching the idea of Pawsh Pets into a reality, a true go getter with a combined passion for pets and business. He is now able to apply both his financial service background as well as his love for animals, to our business. It didn’t take very long for Shane to catch the Flyball Fever, and he is now an avid member of Burnin’ Rubber and handles two of our own dogs. We now together have our dogs and our 2 cats, Ginny and Juice, at home right here in Carp.

Here is Shane, right after we completed putting our new grooming bath tub together!

Shane tub

Let’s just highlight a couple of things we are launching right now to get us started!

**GROOMING MAINTENANCE PROGRAM!!! Book within 6 weeks of your last grooming appointment, and get $5 off at your next appointment. This encourages a healthy grooming routine to keep your dog’s coat healthy, promotes less shedding and keeps on top of nail trims.

***SUNDAY SOCIAL WALKS!! Join Shane and myself, starting in February, social walks around the local trails in Carp, fun for the dogs and the owners, too! Details to come, like us on Facebook to watch for updates.

Winter walk

Thanks for reading a bit about us, and stay tuned for featured items, helpful tips and tricks, promotions, and more adventures from Pawsh Pets! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to stay updated.

Wags and well wishes,

Heather and Shane

Pawsh Pets